Horizon Food Broker’s mission is to remain focused on what has made us successful in the first place, service to the end-user and passion about the products we represent. It is the ability to establish brand recognition that ensures the transaction of products in any given region. When coupled with effective follow up and a manufacturer’s ability to perform 365 days a year, product acceptance is inevitable. In today’s competitive marketplace, whom you choose to align yourself with can often be as important as the service and product you provide. We not only recognize this, but plan to capitalize on it by offering a turn-key marketing solution based on accountability, a results-driven focus, & business ethics.

Secrets to our Success

  • Horizon Food Brokers prioritize each client, define strategies and execute accordingly
  • The right approach and aggressive natured sales team create results instead of a relationship based on regional/national convenience
  • We retain core business, acquire new volume, penetrate existing customers and successfully launch new innovative products
  • We engage in physical and visible interaction with customers:  Constant engagement with marquis LLO’s and key multi unit chain accounts
  • Maintain good chemistry with the people we work with (creating a lifestyle with our clients and staff)
  • We ask for the order – complete the circle and close the sale!
  • Gain a competitive advantage with superior regional foodservice experience from Horizon!

  • Get started today!